Sao Paulo

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Detailed view of the Sao Paulo

The 3 tanker IBC was created by Solar CITIES in San Paolo. Hence the name. But is is also named after Paulo Mellet 1 the original creator of this type of system.

Technical info

The dual gas holder system is modified to avoid the use of a water pump. Instead required pressure is created by feeding, fertilizer and gas pipe that are as high as the the water displacement tank which is on top of the gas storage tank.2

The IBC has a heigth of one meter. Adding a tube of over one meter for inlet and outlet as well as gas outlet adds additional pressure on the gas line. With that additional pressure the water in the first gas storage IBC is pressed up to the second gas storage IBC, the one above the first one. 3

In order to get the gas out of the system the water on top is used to press the gas out of the main storage.