Membrane digester with storage

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Puxin flexible membrane biogas digester


The system uses flexible bags for the digester and for the gas storage. The digester is connected with the gas storage over a gas filter. The gas storage is pressured using weight bags. On the one side we have inlet and on the other we have an outlet. In order to have the bags sit on each other a frame is supplied. The frame is surrounded by walls. The hole system comes as DIY KIT.


  • Due to the construction and combination of digester and storage this is an ideal home system
  • A DIY KIT makes easy for anyone to build and it cuts shipping costs


  • Limited in capacity, Only 1m³
  • Heating and temperature keeping might be difficult


Homebiogas Israel System

Homegas Israel, formerly known as Ecogas Israel, produces a digester for homes. The system was introduced using a Indigogo campaign1. The campaign was very successful. They achieved their goal of 100,000 $ within 24 hours. The pre-ordered unity had a price of 945 $. The actual retail price is estimated at 1500 $. According to their website Homebiogas provides a CE label for their digester, making the important into the EU possible. They are also certified using ISO 9001 QM.2

assembly PUXIN membrane biogas digester home

The Chinese company Puxin3 is selling this system in their Alibaba shop. With starting from 260 $ their price is highly competitive. As they are not providing a CE certificate an import into the EU is considered to be impossible.


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