Floating IBC

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ARTIBC is a combination of an ARTI Style system using two IBCs. It was developed by Solar CITIES in 2015 in Tamera. It's main purpose is gas storage.


  • 2 IBCs
  • Valve (for closing) - connects to the recudtion 
  • Reduction from IBC out to 1/2" or similar
  • Silicon 


  • 3" hole saw
  • 1/2" hole saw (outlet of the IBC cap)

Step by Step

In order to have a bucket within a bucket cut the upper top of off first IBC right at the curve tough that one IBC is open.

Open IBC for Artibc

We need a hole for the water inlet though that gas push out the water or the other way. Drill a 3" hole on top of of the second IBC on the short side. 


Rotate this IBC 90° though that the cap is facing you. 

Seal the cap using Silicon.

Lift the second IBC and put it inside the open IBC.

Cute the open IBCs sides though that the second IBC can easily be lifted up and down.


Fill the cutted IBC with water and let the other one emerge into it. This will take some time.

We are now creating the gas outlet. For that we are using the standard outlet of the emerged IBC. Connect the valve and the reduction to the second IBCs standard outlet. Make sure everything is airtight. 

Once oyu have the gas pipe (hose) connected use a palatte on top of the second IBC and some sand bags or whatever you have in place for weight. 

Artibc-at-grace-village - photo by TH Culhane

Download:  ArtIBC manual