Fixed Dome Systems

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Fixed dome digesters have in common an inlet, and outlet and a chamber for digestion. Over centuries different models were developed in different countries. Some of them are still prodcued others, other not.

Types of Fixed Dome Systems

Chinese fixed dome plant

The first fixed dome plant. Simple solution. Build for several million times in China1


Indian version of the Chinese fixed dome plant. Not build anymore due to many problems with gas tightness. The gas holder cracked often.2


Successor of the Janata plant. Build in India. Still in use. It differes from the Janata plant in inlet configuration and digester.The Deenbanhu was developed by Action for food production, New Dehli 3, India with help form NGOs. There is even a modernized "2000" version available.


This model was developed in the late 80s by CAMARTEC, the Centre for Agriculture Mechanisation and Rural Technology in Tanzania.

Puxin system

See main article about the Puxin system The puxin system uses steel molds in which concrete is poured. It has an inlet and outlet and a fiber glass dome gas holder with the gas outlet. Due to its construction it uses water above the gas holder to preassure the inside the gas holder stored gas.


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