Digester insulation

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Straw bale iinsulated IBC biogas digester

In temper or cold climate the digester needs to be insulated because the Archea need to stay at the temperature optimum of about 37°C. There are several types of insulation arround.

Insulation types

Spray Foam

Spray foamed IBC biogas digester

Spray foam is a simple type of insulation. All the digester is covered in it. The insulation value depends on the material used. There are natural materials around made from Soy.

Straw Bale

Straw bales are a very good natural insulation material. When sourced from within a 50 kilometers radius around your home / digester there is nearly no carbon footprint on it. With an k-Value of about 30 this natural material is perfect for a sustainable digester.

Light straw

no info yet

Stretch foil

Wrapping an IBC with two layers of stretch foil with an airspace in between to increase internal temperatures of the tank.


Hello Nick Chase. You might want to double check the K value for straw bale... Assuming you're using W/mK units, 30 is a very off-value. Maybe you meant R value?

Hey, thanks for pointing that out. I meant R.

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