Biogas expirmentation week in Tamera

From the 7th to the 13th I attended the Biogas Experimentation week in Tamera, Portugal. Together with TH Culhane from Solar CITIES, Martin Funk from Tamera, 2 Solar CITIES interns, Patrick Munjasa, and Bee Rowan from we created two different insulated digesters as well as two different types of gas storage.

We started early in the morning talking about what we build and how we build it. Our first idea (actually Martins Idea) was simplifying the ARTI style gas storage system. We thought about using 2 International Bulk Containers (IBC) sitting in each other making it possible to fill it with water while the other fills with gas. Our inventions is called the ARTIBC (read the wiki for building instructions)

Artibc-at-grace-village - photo by TH Culhane

(ARTIBC at the Grace Village in front left - Tamera, Portgual) 

Our second build was the Sao Paulo. We named it that way because it was first build in Sao Paulo, but also because of Paul(o) Mellet. The system comes with 3 IBCs, 2 of it sitting above each other. It is a combination of a digester and a gas storage. The system is not yet described in our wiki. Check here later for updates.

Sao Paulo IBC biogas digester

(Martin Funk (left) and TH Culhane in front of the Sao Paulo - gas storage system)

Bee Rowan started to insulate the digester at the Grace Village. She used a mixture of clay, straw and lime. Insulating a digester is hard work as the mixture needs to be stamped / compressed. Thanks to Solar CITIES interns and all the other "helping hands".

Clay Testing

The second digester was insulated using straw bale. 

The team building a staw bale insulated digester

It was one of the most awesome weeks I every experienced so far. And one week is simply not enough to get all the ideas tested and run. But as always: this costs money. This time we got lucky. The biogas experimentation week was covered by Lush cosmetics.

I hope to see more of biogas experimentation done - and I hope that most of it gets documented at It is important that information gets stored so that we do not need to reinvent the wheel. It is crucial and game changing that we create things for the greater good and not for money in our pocket. 


see also the video from daywalker:

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