A beginners guide to biogas

At Beyondbuckthorns.com we have released a nice article series about Biogas. Basically a biogas 101 for beginners. The article is available in English and Finnish (check the 3rd part for Finnish PDF download). Please check it out.


Hola community. Soy de Colombia. Mi Inglés no es muy bueno

I am planning on adding a woodgassifier (syngas) to my setup. I plan to use the heat from the gassifier to warm the digester which removes the excess heat from the syngas while re-using it in the digester. 

My question is: should I run the gasses through the digester which would warm the digester and provide agitation or just run the pipes around the tank and keep the two gasses separated?

Not sure if this has been tried before and hoping someone may have some input.