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Fatai Adeola AFOLABI
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I will like to have a brief on making a workable digester

Nick Chase
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Hi Fatai Adeola Afolabi,

Hi Fatai Adeola Afolabi,

there are many options available to you. It depends on the size of the digester, and size depends on how much food you have available for your digester.

I suggest to read the articles at the following links
Solarcities has created a manual on howto build a 1 cubic meter digester out of an IBC (intermediate bulk container) http://www.solarcities.eu/education/388
There is an introduction to the Puxin Mould system (using concrete) http://www.biogascentral.net/wiki/puxin-concrete-mould-system
There is an introduction to Membrane Digesters at http://www.biogascentral.net/wiki/membrane-digester


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