How much Biogas can one get from food scrap

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How much Biogas can one get from food scrap


So I would like to know how much biogas can a average person capture from food scraps?

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Thomas Henry Culhane A bucket a day produces 500 to 1000 liters if the temperature is between 25 and 35 C.
Curtis Biesterfeldt I am trying to see if I can replace a propane tank so is it possible to get more?
Curtis Biesterfeldt Is it possible to pressurize this?
Thomas Henry Culhane No need to pressurize. The expense isn't worth it. Use at source. The gas bags Dave Leuter makes hold enough to cook a couple hours a day and that is about what you will produce. Compression is a waste of money.
Curtis Biesterfeldt ok then is there an easy way to store it?
Thomas Henry Culhane We store in the PVC bags we make ourselves in Pennsylvania or those we buy from China or Germany. I got one recently fromKatrin Puetz B Energy.
Curtis Biesterfeldt Ok is there like a way that I can make one from home that can support 500-1000 liters?
Curtis Biesterfeldt I'm just looking for a scale so I can make my biogas dig ester the right size.
Thomas Henry Culhane If you don't have a pvc welder, use big truck inner tubes. Take out the core pin (go to hardware store and ask for the little tool to decore an inner tube valve). Big ones store 60 liters of gas, enough to cook for 10 minutes...
Curtis Biesterfeldt ok and so I am trying to use this for a gas grill
Curtis Biesterfeldt is it possible to attatch it to that?
Thomas Henry Culhane Yes, we did this last summer with Ed Puffer. He has pictures and can tell you all about it.
Curtis Biesterfeldt I mean like can you attatch to a gas propane regulator?
Thomas Henry Culhane No, we remove the restriction nozzle (widen the jets) to the grill. Then if we run out of biogas we simply fill the biogas bag with propane. We use low pressure gas from then on. We also have a biogas pump to get the gas to the right flame height. See
Curtis Biesterfeldt So is it possible to take the biogas that you genorate with food compost and use that through a gass grill
Curtis Biesterfeldt I am just thinking about the attatchment
Curtis Biesterfeldt Maybe once I get my family on solar I will get the compresser.