Could we make a digester of shipping containers for refugee help?

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Could we make a digester of shipping containers for refugee help?

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Has anyone tried making a digester out of shipping containers? Ill try and do the math. But around here there seems to be a glut of them purchase price for a 40' is around $1400 USD. how many litres will that hold? Biggest trick would be transporting it to its location. Although everything ends up in the sea now any way so a coastal build on the beach makes some sense.

Gene Febus I ball parked volume around 100,000 litres. My question is are containers available in let's say Haiti and at what cost USD?
Nick Chase No idea of costs. We once had the idea to fill a container with ready to use IBC digesters, so that the container can be deployed at any time.
Gene Febus That would give you 60,000 litres more capacity (est.) It's a good idea in theory. A biogas unit that expands to 160,000 litres as needed. . Assuming 1000 litres supplies enough gas for meals that will feed 10 people daily. So combined this unit at 16...Mehr anzeigen
Gene Febus Considering the dadaab refugee camp on the Kenya Somali border has a population of 330,000 wow! That's alot of containers.
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Thomas Henry Culhane Bob Hamburg has been championing this idea for years. When I was in Ireland with Eimhin David Callanan we stood by a retrofitted container at one of the ecovillages where we were building IBCs and talked with the owner about how we might make it water...Mehr anzeigen
Bob Hamburg I'll try to show some of my efforts and thoughts on shipping containers, but not sure whether the pictures will come through. It will take several comments. First, in early '80s, got a couple masonry tank--greenhouse systems built in central WV, USA. Here's the first:
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Bob Hamburg Here is the second. Seems to me the masonry tanks could be replaced by well waterproofed and insulated containers.
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Bob Hamburg Have tried to get the idea pictured -- as below (I hope). Seemed to me the south side of the container could be the north wall of a greenhouse. The container would be set into a hillside. Unfortunately, I have yet to find an engineer to do the structural calculations concerning the strength of the common digester-greenhouse wall.
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Bob Hamburg Alternatively, also devoted some thought to enclosing a couple tubular digesters inside a container. There would also be room inside the container for gas storage. The thought was to create a sort of community development "module" for emergency and r...Mehr anzeigen
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Gene Febus My only experience with containers was a manure spreader that we made and mounted on a semi. The wood floor was my first concern. But structurally they were very tough.
Gene Febus This was my reasoning too large scale gas production not only for cooking but other vital community functions (refrigeration...) just find a waste stream and park it. So to speak. I haven't travelled the world so I'm no expert on conditions in places other than my small corner of Washington state. So if I'm being naive I am sorry. Very grateful Bob thanks for sharing your work. What a great site! Thank you all.