How much biogas does an IBC System produce (from Facebook)

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How much biogas does an IBC System produce (from Facebook)

How much as do the IBC systems produce? How much waste is required daily? Do they produce enough for cooking for a family of 4 (2 meals a day, maybe total of 1-2 hours of cooking a day)?

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Thomas Henry Culhane It is all about volume, feedstock and temperature.Kathy Puffer and Ed Puffer who have the ones we built in ther basement at 30 C (2 IBCs) and feed daily from the Insinkerator in the kitchen above, get about an hour a day from each tank. So two hours ...Mehr anzeigen
Abe Connally Thank you! I have a lot of animal manures (poultry and rabbit, mostly), which are probably not as good as food waste, though we have a bit of that, too.

It looks like they are producing about 500 L a day per IBC setup, right? And that's an hour of cooking?...Mehr anzeigen
Thomas Henry Culhane 500 liters is an hour on a single burner medium flame average. That is about two kilos of food waste for the digester, about a bucket per digester mixed with warm water. Animal wastes produce a hundred times less gas but great sources of bacteria. Trick is to mix them. Can't go wrong that way.
Abe Connally thank you for the info!