Why am I getting no biogas?

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Why am I getting no biogas?

Can anyone advise me if there's an already documented biogas troubleshooting website or similar getting around? As I'm fairly new to Biogasing I have come a little concerned about my lack of gas production from my small digester. I'm not sure if I've overloaded it and placed it into a state of dormancy or similar? Or is that chemically impossible to achieve?

I do know that the pH level has gone slightly acid (about 6) and the mix smells like a special kind of vomit. I have temperature at a fairly constant 32 deg Celsius (insulated and internally heated) which is really the max I can sustain with the aquarium heater I'm using. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Thomas Henry Culhane http://community.solarcities.eu/forum.  replied "We are hoping to build a user base on our forum that will make it serve everyone. Would be obliged if, as you progress, you help us build up the efficacy of our forum. As for your system, it can take between 3 and 6 weeks for delivery of the first flammable gas. We start with manure or lake or pond mud and seal and don't do any feeding at all until first flammable gas. Otherwise you can sour it. Sounds like you may have started with food waste? That won't work as it lacks the microbes necessary. Start with some animal manure, even your own and ferment that for weeks until you get gas, then gradually feed cup by cup of ground food waste until things stabilize."