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User generated content on Solar CITIES: Blogs

Hi friendly encouragers of empowerment and power to the people,

I'm trying to create a blog on our website and noticing that while I, as an administrator can creatae one using the design menu tools, I find no obvious way to do so from within the Blog page itself.  Shouldn't we have a "create new blog post" or "create a blog" button for those with the requisite permissions?  And should we offer one at the community site too?

I'm also writing this feature request now to test the other feature request -- how we can write on our Solar CITIES website instead of facebook and have it port over to facebook. 

I want to see Nick Chase dance.

I want to see him happy.

I want all of us to dance and be happy (without resorting to McDonald's happy meals, even though they do have cool plastic toys based on our favorite movies!).

And then another feature request - when something I write here really pleases somebody, how can I know that they hit the like button?  And when I'm tempted to answer them, what keeps me coming back to our forum and not responding to the temptation to simply hit reply...?

Issues to work on I suspect.  But I am in favor of this move in the long run, because we are the keepers of the clean blue flame and we can't let it get snuffed out by being under the control of commercial sites that don't have a passion for its longevity!


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that's what we site builders

that's what we site builders and web developers need: feedback!! thx!!

- the button for "create blog" -> yes definitly. I make sure we get that.
- feedback from readers -> we can have fb like buttons

yes, I will be happy! and I will dance. :) - websites & marketing