The Puxin mould circus

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The Puxin mould circus

Some years ago TH Culhane proposed to the Gen Network that Solar C³ITIES will bring the blue flam to the EcoVillages in Europe. Since then a lot has happend. Now the first moulds are in the US. The second set is nearly ready to be transported to Tamera. And if everythings goes well we will have a 3rd set for nothern Europe. 

In order to get the moulds from one point to the next we created an online system that lets someone register and request the moulds. But we didn't think about security. The Solar Cities team came up with two different security systems.

1. a requester has to upload photos about their transportation vehicle, the place the moulds will be stored, and answere a lot of questions, for example whether or not they are having specific tools, etc

2. a system of trust. A requester must have social security scanned and upload to our system together with signing our terms and conditions.The scanned ID and signed temrs and conditions gets send to the current possesor prior to collection. They need to be printed 3 times before collectoon. The collector has to sign them upon collection. if something isn't right the collector can state that on the terms and conditions. 1 remains with the collector - 1 remains with the current possesor - 1 gets sent to us by fax or mail.

You who can collect and use the molds in order to get the blue flame to your home / farm / ecoVillage has to give us some input on this. What do you think is the best way to do this. Be bold. We need to know whats best for you - but still gives Solar Cities some security.