Gas scrubbing from Puxin Bag?

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Gas scrubbing from Puxin Bag?

A user of our facebook group commented at

"if puxim bags or tyre tubes or vinyle bags ar used to collect d gas does it mean that d gas is not scrubed? D drum i used as the gas holder contains caustic solution for scrubing# how do u guys scrub d gas if bags ar used to collect it from d digesters#"

Answers provided in the comments field were:

  • I don't scrub. It is a waste of time for cooking uses or lighting or refrigerating. For running engines dry the gas and run through iron mesh to take out H2S. Otherwise don't worry, don't bother.
  •  d first time i tested d gas produced frm my digester it did nt burn instead it was extinguishing my lighter until i scrub it befor it burn with blue beautiful flame# how is urs able to burn without scrubing?
     do u add something to d digesters?
  •  Thomas Henry refrigerating? How is the gas used for refrigerating? I knw how its used for lighting or running engines but refrigerating? How???
  • Absorption refrigerators like the Servel have a burner in the bottom, and the heat drives the refrigeration...

  • First gas is always CO2 and gradually methane concentration increases until flammable. So first few batches put flame out. It might be coincidence that you started scrubbing just as methane concentration was already rising. No amount of scrubbing at beginning will work.


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Running Trucks/Cars On Biogas

I am new to this forum. I am interested in using the biogas for running a truck/car. My group is in the early stages of a project which will give us access to hundreds of tons of organic waste. We are interested in running our vehicles on the gas collected from our biodigesters. Can this be done?


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I haven't done this yet. But

I haven't done this yet. But I think that this is defenitly possible. I'm not in contact with someone who has a running car but there are documents around showing that it is possible. - websites & marketing