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I am Markus, Age 41, living in Beckum, Westfalia, Germany, Europe, Earth

I'm married and father of one boy (5) and we share the house with my in-laws.

I don't have a Biodigester yet but hopefully will have a Prototype in the Garden based on 220-litre-blue barrels by next year to experiment with. Gas would be used to power a stove or gas grill in the summertime

Long term goal would be to build a in-house digester to process all food waste, coffe-grounds, (wood-free) garden clippings and blackwater from the toilets. This would also be based on 220-l-Barrels as that is the largest i can fit through the doors.

This will have to wait some years to keep the in-laws happy so my focus is on the prototype/demonstration unit in the garden..

I have some questions but that will be on another threat.

Greetings, Markus