Dog Waste NE FL

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Dog Waste NE FL

Hello !  We operate a privately owned Dog Park and Bar 

in Beptune Beach outside Jacksonville 

we generste approx 100-125 lbs of 

dog poop and 5-10 lbs of coffee and tea 

tea grounds per day . We want to capture 

this energy and develop and build a biogas 

digester system and use the gas either 

for lighting at the park , or grill cooking ,

or possibly a fire pit .  Open to suggestions 

please contact me to set up a meeting 

or at least a conversation , thanks !

Scott Silver 

BrewHound Dog Park+Bar

443 924 1632



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Scott, are you aware of

Scott, are you aware of One of their members, TH Culhane, opperates in Florida. Check - you should get in contact with them. - websites & marketing

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Dog Park Digester

I did some basic calculations and would recommend the Puxin 10 cubic meter as a durable and approximately correct size for your situation.  I've sent you an email with a few links, as well.A Puxin 10 Cubic Meter System

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That was a nice explanation.

That was a nice explanation.