spent mushroom (straw) as feed

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pjeter schornstein
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spent mushroom (straw) as feed

Hey all!

I am growing oyster mushroom on straw and would like to know if I can use the spent mushroom (the mushroom mycelium on straw after it's been harvested) as a part of the digestor feed or even only rely on that?

I know the mycelium growth releases enzyme that breaks down the cellulose so I figured it might be easier to digest. 

I am mainly not sure if the straw is harmfull in that it would dry the digestor out.


Delun Kang
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mushroom spawn

It's important you don't put the mushroom spawn into the straw until the straw is at room temperature otherwise you will kill the spawn. When the straw has cooled down, pack your robust plastic bags with straw quite tightly, and then distribute some of the mushroom spawn throughout the straw. I got some idea about this from Agrinoon (Fujian), I had also bought a shittake mushroom spawn at an affordable price. They provide fresh and good quality mushrooms all the year.