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ha ha, I really don't say Howdy, but I am from Texas ... so


Introducing me, I am a former IT Program Manager who had to take an early retirement because of ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  I have been sick every day for the last 10 years, some days better and some days worse.  I live in rural Texas with  my wife and five teenagers. I have a solar powered Recreational Vehicle, and I am interested in using the biogas instead of propane in my RV and also from my septic tank in my home.    I don't have energy to develop my great ideas, so I am happy to share them for free to anyone who does have energy!

A couple of questions for you all.  1) Why is biogas not being captured and used from septic tanks in rural areas of the western world?  smell?  contaminants?  economics?   2) I saw your PDF on a design for septic tank biogas capture system.  What is the purpose of the Desulferization item and where can I buy one of these?  Where can I buy a biogas pump?  What would be the obsticals in pumping the biogas into a propane tank and using it for heating, cooking, etc.    Does anyone know what pressure I would have to get it to?  Is there a danger of explosion?   

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Hi Greg,

Hi Greg,
welcome to Biogascentral!

1) no clue.
2) Could you point me to that document. Just because it is uploaded here doesn't mean I have created it. In general desulferization needs to happen if you'd like to use your gas in an combustion engine. Otherwise the metal parts will corode. You can build them on your own, see or you can buy them from Puxin (China)
3) Same as the desulfurization unit: Puxin - websites & marketing