UENR, Sunyani biogas plant

the UENR biogas plant is a demonstration plant built on the university's campus . The university's energy environmental engineering department often visit the plant during field studies. The gas produced by the plant is currently used by the school cafeteria for cooking.

It is 8m3 bio digester capacity that uses human and food waste as main feedstock.

Finished building:  Thursday, 17 April, 2014


  • fixed dome


  • Home


  • mesophilic

Functional state: 

  • operating

DIY or Commercial: 

  • Commercial

Primary use: 

  • Cooking

Primary use state: 

  • Running

Conservation Potential: 

  • Indoor Air Pollution mitigation
Size:  8 000Liter

Gas storage: 

  • Baloon/flexible storage bag