my first biogas plant

well, there is always a starting point to any journey. what has drove me through these years is the passion and determination i have attached to my work.

In 2012, when i graduate from the polytechnic and later couldn't find job, i decided to create a job for myself. i did renewable energy systems engineering so i had enough theoretical background on energy and biogas technology as well. with almost no coaching as to how i can successfully design and construct a WORKING BIOGAS plant, i took the risk to build my first biogas digester for a near by High School.

The school had 800 students in its boarding house. The main feedstock for the digester is food leftovers from the schools kitchen and dinning halls.

The design is in capacity of 10m3 twin digester.

Finished building:  Thursday, 3 January, 2013


  • fixed body with gas storage


  • Community


  • mesophilic

Functional state: 

  • no longer operating

DIY or Commercial: 

  • Unknown

Primary use: 

  • Cooking

Primary use state: 

  • Needs work

Conservation Potential: 

  • Afforestation
Size:  20 000Liter


Hi Felix, Can you tell me a little more about this digester. What is it made of? Bricks? Or concrete, or concrete rings? Thank you! Nick - websites & marketing

hello Nick, sorry for the late response ............

The digester section is made up of concrete. the top erected cylinder- like is meant for gas storage and is constructed with bricks. well i wouldn't recommend this DIY design as there was several problems in collecting and storing the gas.

There are several proven traditional designs now a days that work just perfectly as industrialized designs

maintainance of  the biogas plant biogas digester under costruction