HEART in Haiti Tester Digester

Kathy Puffer helped us build a 55 gallon barrel digester in our unheated greenhouse in Middletown, NY on August 30th, 2015. We are testing this small prototype in order to learn more about biogas in order to bring this technology to our HEART in Haiti School on a larger scale.

What a fun adventure this has been! We are using the bioslurry for an Aerogarden, a dirtess grow rock garden and storing the gas in truck innertubes. Since it is cold in New York, we found the best way to keep the digester around 30 degrees Farenheight is using a seed mat with a thermostat which turns the mat on when needed. Once we realized the biogas storage bag had a leak and started using truck innertubes, we have been collecting gas every day!

We can't wait to build a bigger model at our HEART in Haiti School to bring clean cooking fuel to our families, income to our school and giving the trees in Haiti a chance to grow and make the land lush once again.

Finished building:  Sunday, 30 August, 2015


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Size:  208Liter