Solar Village Tamera

Biogas Digester
What is a biogas digester and how to build it?
Module for a decentral autonomous energy supply

Manual for construction of a biogas digester: (T.H. Culhane, Tamera, und Valerio Marazzi - ARCò, Italy)
Biogas Digester (pdf) - (English) and (portuges)

Floating Drum (ARTI) with 3500l


Finished building:  Monday, 15 August, 2011


  • arti


  • Community


  • mixed

Functional state: 

  • Really cooking!

DIY or Commercial: 

  • Unknown

Primary use: 

  • Cooking

Primary use state: 

  • Running

Secondary use: 

  • Dealing with kitchen wastes


  • Running

Secondary use: 

  • Making fertilizer


  • Running

How is your digester kept at the right temperature: 

  • Styrofoam

Conservation Potential: 

  • Replacement for Petroleum
Size:  3 500Liter
Finished system main tank - concrete rings - with heat insulation the floating drum insinkerator - for feeding