Intended build

1) 129 gallon Fiberglass tank (recycling a sand filter tank).  Concentric pipe baffles, internally, and coiled tubing Acid-phase, around the tank.  Elevated inlet, inlet and outlet valved, for increased gas pressure through the system.  Extra valves to cut-off gas line and bleed pressure, for feeding, then re-pressurize once inlet and outlet valves are closed.  Net tank and acid-phase volume should be ~ 180 gallons With approximate inflow of 5 gallons per day, of mixed livestock manure.

2) Gas storage to be determined.

3) Phase II will be determined at a later date...

Ultimately, the goal is to have a small, practical, minimum-cost system.
Current cost:
$60 for the tank

Finished building:  Thursday, 25 September, 2014


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