Weapons of mass decomposition

Home bioreactor designed with Warm water reticulation as heating, and insulated for a mild winter (0 to 14 degrees C). Aim to use food waste of family of 6, plus green waste from 1800m2 of land. Likely to need two IBC for digestion. Aim to produce 1.2 to 2.4 m3 of gas a day, and produce 6 to 11 kWh of heat Aim to control pH, temperature and automatic heating using Arduino.

Looking to trial as a possible solution for Trade waste in local horticultural and boutique brewing industries, plus provide gas for water heating.

Currently the most southerly digester on the map.

Finished building:  Wednesday, 19 April, 2017


  • IBC


  • Home


  • mesophilic

Functional state: 

  • in progress

DIY or Commercial: 

  • DIY

Primary use: 

  • House Warming

Primary use state: 

  • Needs work

Secondary use: 

  • Other (please list in comments)


  • Needs work

How is your digester kept at the right temperature: 

  • Rock wool

Conservation Potential: 

  • Consumer Choice/Free market options
Size:  1 000Liter

Gas storage: 

  • Pressurized cylinder
Insulation wrapped in black plastic to keep water out converted stove