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In order for the website to work properly we use Cookies. Those cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer. Those text files mean no harm but are necessary to use the site.


We use Matomo (former Piwik) to track visits on this site. For this we also use a Cookie. Matomo adheares to the "do-not-track"-function set by your browser. You can opt-out of tracking at any time here below:


You can use this site without registration but in order to publish content you need to register. Upon registration we ask for a valid e-mail-address. That e-mail address is kept private and won't be shared with other members.
Registered users can delete their account andtheir content at any time.

Google Ads

We use Google ads on this site. In order to do the site loads a script from the Google Server. By that Google might optain the information that you are visiting our site. Google has its own Privacy Policy


We use embedded videos from Youtube and Vimeo. Those providers might place their own tracking and they have their own privacy policy. Youtubes' is at Vimeos' is at


We use embedded maps and geocoding. By publishing a digester at our site the address of the biogas system that is going to be published is send to Google and geocoded.