Gertrude Bell & T.E. Lawrence

Twin IBC Tank System. Started using cow manure. Has two Puxin 1000 litre gas bags attached with a 500 litre bag in basement.  Fed by grinding kitchen and garden scraps.  Recently insulated using compost.

Finished building:  Wednesday, 18 June, 2014


  • solar C³ITIES IBC


  • Farm


  • mesophilic

Functional state: 

  • Really cooking!

DIY or Commercial: 

  • DIY

Secondary use: 

  • House Warming

How is your digester kept at the right temperature: 

  • Compost

Conservation Potential: 

  • Soil Building


That bag looks chockofull of biogas. Amazing! What would happen if you insulated the tanks say with compost to heat them? Would you get more gas?

Yup!  During the summer was not a problem, as the tanks were painted black and absorbed plenty of heat.  We've just basically built a wall of compost around both tanks and covered the top with wood chips.  It's getting cold at night, so we have covered the whole system with a large tarp to keep in the warmth.


Here is what the digester looks like today!  We came down and Tim and I worked with Dave and Janice and Jodi and Bob to bury the digester in cow manure compost, hay, weeds and wood chips for the winter! It looks, says Janice, like a "dead elephant in the yard". And boy can it fart!

The Kelsey Compost Heated Biodigester in Pennsylvania


We are local; do you ever allow visits to the "Gassy Girl"? Comprised of adult youth homeschoolers and moms... Thanks! Lisa

Hi Lisa, I'm a homeschool mom as well. Jody Spangler owns Gassy Girl, whom she calls Abel. She lives around a country block from me in Glenmoore, near Ludwig's Corner. She would welcome a visit. My e-mail is Please connect with me there! Thanks!

Thomas Henry Culhane Design Biodigester built by Envisaj Mercy in Southeastern, PA