School Project 1000 l IBC Digester

The digester was built in spring of 2014. It consists of an insulated IBC tank and is filled with 100 l of chicken manure and 900 l of warm water. The first flammable gas was received two months after construction. We put the cafeteria's food waste into the system and are successfully demonstrating the feasibility of small-scale biogas in Northern Germany.

One concern remains though: We are not entirely sure how to store and use the biogas that is produced. Our idea is to fill it into old tires and then establish some kind of take-one-leave-one business ...

Finished building:  Friday, 7 March, 2014


  • other IBC


  • Community


  • mesophilic

Functional state: 

  • operating

DIY or Commercial: 

  • DIY

Primary use: 

  • Dealing with kitchen wastes

Primary use state: 

  • Needs work

Secondary use: 

  • Cooking


  • Needs work

How is your digester kept at the right temperature: 

  • Styrofoam
Size:  1 000Liter


Are there any updates on this digester? I have seen some fancy photos with pretty cool insulation - or was this a new digester? - websites & marketing

Thanks for the reminder, Nick. I put up a photo of what the digester looks like now after we changed its outward appearance.

The IBC digester in an early state ... ... and as it looks now